After (the Death of) Theory Some Reflections, Some Recollections, a Repetition 理論過(世之)後 若干反思、一些回憶、一點重複

TEE Kim Tong

Whereas Alan Kirby in “The Death of Postmodernism and Beyond” observes that “consumer fanaticism” prevails over plurality as a dominating social force, and proclaims the death of postmodernism, such a death, instead, suggests a linear narrative of Theory and literary criticism. Hence, my concern in this paper is that, while Theory is claimed to be over in the first world academia, is there a process of after Theory, which, on the one hand, connotes going after theory or a sense of continuity of theory and, on the other hand, belatedness, thriving (whether for hunting for/haunted by the ghosts of Theory or for celebrating the obituary) in the third world literary field? Such reflections on the death of Theory will be followed by some recollections of how the third world academy responds to the application of western literary theories on third world literature.