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第 36  期

Special Issue

Cultural Movement in the Local Society: A Case Study on the Reading Society of the Wu-fong I-sin Association (1934-1936)
作者 鄭麗榕
Author Li-jung Cheng
關鍵詞 霧峰一新會讀書會文化啟蒙社會運動林獻堂林攀龍
Keywords Wu-fong I-sin association, reading society, cultural enlightenment, social movement, Lin, Hsien-t’ang, Lin, Pan-long
摘要 本文利用林獻堂《灌園先生日記》、霧峰一新會讀書會紀錄及現有研究成果,藉由一新會讀書會的個案,看霧峰地域社會的文化運動,分析一新會讀書會作為菁英社群在文化啟蒙中所扮演的角色,整理該讀書會的成員及研討議題,藉此呈現出1930年代霧峰地區豐沛的文化活力,並反映當時台灣知識分子身處日華、中西、新舊文化多元來源交融的情境。
Abstract This article aims to examine the cultural enlightenment activities in a local society by focusing on the reading society of Wu-fong I-sin Association. The author makes use of The Diary of Lin Hsien-t’ang, records of the reading society, and the existing research to work out who the members were and what they discussed in this elite organization and to analyze its role in social movements. This study also indicates the abundant cultural vitality of Wu-fong in 1930s and reveals diverse cultural situations of Taiwanese intellectuals between Japan and China, the East and the West, and the modern and the tradition.
From the aspect of the local society, the Lins utilized their broad political, economic, and social influences and took Wu-fong as a stage to achieve the collective vision for their family and the region by means of cultural activities. The reading society of Wu-fong I-sin Association was not only a cultural activity of the Lins but also a regional gathering. These activities represented intimate physical and spiritual connections between the people and the land.From the aspect of cultural movement, this reading society was a continuation and amendment of social movements in Taiwan since 1920s. From the whole Formosa back to the region, with experiencesgained in social movements of 1920s, and cultural ideals from Europe and America, including self-constructed autonomy and cultural enlightenment, the reading society dreamed to build up the new Taiwanese culture through regional developments.
/ 王次澄    Tzi-cheng Wang
/ 熊秉真    Ping-chen Hsiung
/ 呂文翠    Wen-tsuei Lu
/ 陳君愷、賴建寰    Chun-kai Chen, Chien-huan Lai
/ 盧莉茹    Li-ru Lu
/ 侯潔之    Chieh-chih Hou
/ 許宗興    Chung-hsing Hsu
J. J.Long. W. G. Sebald: Image, Archive, Modernity
/ David Barton    
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