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自我追尋與他人認同 ──從「自律作家」論七等生的寫作風格及其意義
In Search of Self and Others’ Recognition──Discussion on Qi Deng Sheng’s Writing Style and the Controversy from the Perspective of “Writers on Autonomy”
作者 蕭義玲
Author I-ling Hsiao
關鍵詞 主體化自我追尋七等生自律作家藝術性
Keywords subjectification, self identification, Qi Deng Sheng, writer on autonomy, artistic
摘要 現代文學史上,七等生及其作品無疑是受到文壇最多關注與討論的對象之一。其筆下之角色或常被評論者視為七等生的化身,而七等生本人則是反社會、虛無主義傾向的個人主義者;也有評論者深信七等生是深具惻隱之心、冷眼觀人性、熱腸愛塵世的創作者。兩極化的評價中,七等生與其作品的研究遂長期陷於一種由詮釋所帶來的爭議困局中。
Abstract Qi Deng Sheng’s novels have long been sparking high controversies as characters in his writings are regarded by critics as his own incarnation, while Qi Deng Sheng is criticized as a writer embracing individualism with the inclination of anti-social behavior and Nihilism. Notwithstanding, some critics believe that he is a writer embracing a heart of sympathy, observing human nature through cool detachment, and showing ardor towards the mortal life. These polarized appraisals have become an obstacle to conduct in-depth research into his works.
This article attempts to clarify Qi Deng Sheng’s polarized appraisals by means of the distinction of “writer on autonomy” and “writer on justice,” since many critics have treated his works from the perspectives of “writers on justice,” that is, the concern with the social justice and solidarity. However, being a “writer on autonomy,” Qi Deng Shang’s writings emphasize the concern with self creation and personal perfection. Qi Deng Shang has been tangled with the inner logic in the search of self and others’ recognition. Writing under the tension of these two desires has turned out to be one way for him to shape this ego and attempt to search for the answers. Eventually, these factors contribute to his unique writing style.
This text aims to explain Qi Deng Sheng’s writing style and controversies on his novels by employing such clarification, to flourish the theoretical foundation for the interpretation of his works.
/ 許又方    Yu-fang Hsu
/ 吳振漢     Chen-han Wu
/ 陳一弘    I-hung Chen
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