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第 32  期

General Article

The Ways of Cai Qing's Yijing mengyin explaining Chouyi benyi and transforming the Supreme Taichi
作者 楊自平
Author Tzu-ping Yang
關鍵詞 蔡清易經蒙引朱子周易本義易學
Keywords Cai Qing, Yijing mengyin, Zhu Xi, Chouyi benyi, the Theory of Yi
摘要 蔡清為明代重要《易》學家,其《易經蒙引》影響陳琛、林希元等甚鉅。《蒙引》的表現形式為疏解《周易本義》,其特色在於,承繼朱子求《易》「本義」,藉由疏解方式使朱子意旨更明確,並將《易》定位在以道義明吉凶的經書,加入義理的發揮與史事的印證。對於太極,將朱子所言靜態的存有之理,轉化為具創生活動義的宇宙本體。此外,亦強調依時處正的重要,並提出虛靜的工夫以達於依時處正的目標。
Abstract Cai Qing is an important scholar majoring in Yi in Ming Dynasty, and his Yijing mengyin has a great influence on Chen Chen and Lin Xi-uan. Cai' s Yijing mengyin is to make clear Chouyi benyi and tends to confirm Zhu Xi' s initiative for studying Yi. Mengyin makes Zhu Xi' s meaning more accurate, and positions Yi to be a great book of distinguishing luck and adversity through moral values, including philosophy and historic events. As for the Supreme Principle (Taichi), Cai transfers Zhu Xi' s static Being of Existence into dynamic and creative formation of the universe. In addition, Cai emphasizes the importance of being integrity under any circumstances by means of meditating and being calm and precautious.
/ 易鵬    Peng Yi
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