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唐君毅先生的愛情哲學 ──以《愛情之福音》為中心的展開
Tang Jun-Yi’s Philosophy of Love— from the Perspective of The Gospel of Love
作者 劉毅鳴
Author Yi-ming Liu
關鍵詞 唐君毅當代新儒學愛情浪漫愛愛情之福音
Keywords Tang Jun-Yi (唐君毅), Contemporary Neo-Confucianism(當代新儒學), Love, Romantic Love, The Gospel of Love(《愛情之福音》)
摘要 唐君毅先生是當代新儒學的重要思想家。《愛情之福音》是唐先生愛情哲學的代表作,也是儒學當中探討現代浪漫愛的先行者。此書雖然篇幅短小,但內涵相當豐富,對於愛情生活的各面向皆有所論及。且和坊間、學術界流行的觀點不同,不從行動技術、生物本能、社會運作的角度立論,著重在從心性修養、形上本體的層面,對於一般人認為境界不高的愛情甚至情欲,賦予較深遠的意義,使形上形下能夠融合為一體。愛情的重點在生命精神的交流,由男女之愛擴充到對真、善、美、神之愛,對父子、兄弟、君臣、朋友之愛,各式各樣的愛都能夠互相映照、互相滲透。這種「交 光互映」的境界是唐先生思想的特色。本論文以《愛情之福音》為探討對象,除了介紹書中重點外,也隨時點出與先秦儒家思想的關連性,及回應時代課題之處,豁顯唐先生的儒者胸懷及「返本以開新」的精神。
Abstract Mr. Tang Jun-Yi(唐君毅 is an important thinker of contemporary Neo-Confucianism 當代新儒學 )). The Gospel of Love(《 愛情之福音》 is the representative work of Mr. Tang’s love philosophy, and it is also the forerunner of modern romantic love in Confucianism. Although this book is short in length, it is quite rich in content, covering all aspects of love life. And it is different from the popular opinions in the market and academia, it does not make arguments from the perspective of action technology, biological instinct, and social operation, but focuses on the level of spiritual cultivation and metaphysical noumenon. For the love and even lust that ordinary people think is not high, give them a higher level. The far-reaching meaning enables the metamorphosis to be integrated into one. The focus of love lies in the exchange of life and spirit, expanding from the love of men and women to the love of truth, goodness, beauty, and God, and the love of father and son, brothers, rulers, ministers, and friends. All kinds of love can reflect and penetrate each other. This realm of “mutual reflection” is characteristic of Mr. Tang’s thought. This thesis takes The Gospel of Love as the object of discussion. In addition to introducing the key points of the book, it also points out the connection with pre-Qin Confucianism and the point of response to the issues of the times, showing Mr. Tang's Confucian mind and “returning to the original to open new”(「返本開新」 spirit.
/ 黃崇修    Chong-Xiu Huang
陷溺或救贖? ──論愛情關係中的依賴問題
/ 霍晉明    Jin-Ming Huoh
/ 蘇子媖    Tzu-Ying Su
/ 黃崇修    Chong-Xiu Huang
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