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The Chinese Art Collection of the Goncourt Brothers
作者 張婉真
Author Wan-chen Chang
關鍵詞 鞏固爾兄弟法國之中國藝術收藏十九世紀後期
Keywords Goncourt Brothers, French collections of Chinese art, the latter half of the nineteenth century
摘要 素以擁護熱愛日本藝術聞名的鞏固爾兄弟對於中國藝術亦持有高度興趣與關心。其遠東藝術收藏中包含一批以瓷器為主的中國文物,在其著述中亦不乏對於中國藝術的見解。但相對於日本文物廣泛受到重視,其中國文物收藏卻長期為人漠視,學界亦未見專文討論。有鑑於此,本文首先擬考證鞏固爾收藏的中國藝術之內容、來源管道以分析當時中國藝術交易的市場概況。其次擬自鞏固爾兄弟對於中國藝術的評論分析其對中國藝術的鑑賞觀,並同時將其看法放置於當時法國對於中國藝術的研究進展加以觀照。本文主要希望透過此一代表性例子的分析,展現法國認識中國藝術歷程中一段較為隱晦的歷史,並說明此段歷史應更受重視的理由。
Abstract The Goncourt brothers, who had always been famous for their passionate love for Japanese art, also had a high level of interest in and concern for Chinese art. Their collection of Far Eastern artifacts included a set of Chinese items, mainly porcelains, and their writings are not short on insights into Chinese art. But, while their Japanese items have received extensive attention, their Chinese collection has long been ignored; there has apparently been no specialist discussion of it even within academic circles. In view of this situation, this article will first provide an appraisal of the Goncourt brothers' collection of Chinese artifacts, including its origins and the channels through which it was supplied, in order to analyze the state of the market at the time for transactions in Chinese art. It will then analyze the Goncourt brothers' critical perspective on Chinese art, on the basis of their commentaries on the subject, and, at the same time, use their opinions to shed light on the state of development in France of research into Chinese art. The author's main hope is, through the analysis provided by this representative excerpt from history, to expose a somewhat little-known aspect of the story of France's acquaintanceship with Chinese art, and to illustrate that this period in history should receive greater attention.
/ 宮筱筠    Hsiao-Yun Kung
/ 李淑卿    Shwu-Ching Lee
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