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The Promoter of “The Ancients”-John Linnell
作者 李淑卿
Author Shwu-Ching Lee
關鍵詞 古人會林內爾帕麥爾布雷克瑞奇蒙德卡爾沃特梭爾罕
Keywords The Ancients, John Linnell, Samuel Palmer, William Blake, George Richmond, Edward Calvert, Shoreham
摘要 近二十年來古人會漸受重視,然因古人會僅留下零星活動資料,故至目前以古人會為議題的研究仍相當有限。有關古人會何時形成、如何形成、發展情形和式微原因等問題都尚待探討。而這些問題皆與本文主角林內爾息息相關,但未見任何論文以林內爾角度切入分析這些議題。本文的主旨乃在探究林內爾在古人會形成及發展過程上所扮演的真正角色,藉此古人會的原始面貌始可呈現得更清晰完整。林內爾雖非古人會成員,但他不僅首先打開家門與古人會聚集討論藝術及文學,且為布雷克和古人會搭起橋樑,他亦參與他們在梭爾罕的活動,並共享他們互畫肖像的樂趣,及為古人會立下一轉化宗教情懷於風景畫的楷模。更重要的是,他對古人會的領袖帕麥爾畫風的塑造產生深刻影響,林內爾實是古人會的推手。
Abstract The Ancients started to attract scholars' attention since the last twenty years, but the studies on the group are very few as it left very limited records about its activities. Therefore, many questions need to be discussed, for instance, when the group formed, and how it developed and declined. These issues can not be fully understood, if we ignore the real relationship between Linnell and the Ancients. This essay attempts to explore the crucial role played by Linnell during the period while he was involved with the group. We realize that Linnell did not only open his house as the first meeting-place for the Ancients, but also introduced Blake to these young artists. He enjoyed attending their gatherings and sharing their interest of making portraits for one another. Moreover, he set an example of transforming religious enthusiasm into landscape to the Ancients. Most of all, he had significant influence on Palmer, who was the leader of the group.
/ 宮筱筠    Hsiao-Yun Kung
/ 張婉真    Wan-chen Chang
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