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Writings and Critical Research on Chinese Ceramics in Late Nineteenth Century France
作者 張婉真
Author Wan-chen Chang
關鍵詞 法國之中國瓷器書寫法國之中國瓷器收藏十九世紀後期目錄式寫作
Keywords French writings on Chinese ceramics, French collections of Chinese ceramics, the late nineteenth century, catalogue-style writing
摘要 十九世紀的後五十年,法國陸續出版數本以中國陶瓷為書寫對象的著作。這些早期的出版物,呈現相近的寫作形式,內容相互指涉呼應,清楚呈現了法國理解與研究中國陶瓷的歷程。本文擬以這些出版物為對象,說明法國當時對於中國瓷器的書寫與鑑賞。本文擬藉助文學理論中文體與語體的概念分析這些著作寫作的方式,乃至於其中展現的思想內容。本文的撰寫目的在於探究當時法國鑑賞中國瓷器的態度與方法。

Abstract During the late nineteenth century, much was published in France on the subject of Chinese ceramics. These early publications, resembling each other in both form and content, clearly reflect France's progress in studying and understanding Chinese ceramics. This article aims to outline the French writings and criticism of the time on Chinese ceramics. It aims to analyze the manner in which these works were written ─ in terms of the literary and linguistic aspects of literary theory ─ as well as their conceptual content. The purpose of the article is to explore the attitudes and methods with which the nineteenth century French appreciated Chinese ceramics.

It will explain the process by which Chinese ceramics were transformed in France from curiosities or foreign items for decorating interiors to objects of scientific research. From this era onwards, the French perspective toward ceramics research gradually changed from a preoccupation with material and technique towards a view of the items as works of art, and it attempted to appreciate Chinese ceramics through the critical standards of the Chinese themselves, while maintaining the unique taste and aesthetic sensibility of the French.
/ 楊永源    Yung Yuan Yang
/ 謝世英    Shih-ying Hsieh
/ 吳方正    Fang-cheng Wu
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