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第 56  期

Special Issue

On Animal Rights from Kant’s Conception of Indirect Duty
作者 林永崇
Author LIN Yung-chung
關鍵詞 康德間接義務德行義務動物權利法權義務人類中心主義
Keywords Immanuel Kant, indirect duty, duty of virtue, animal right, duty of right, anthropocentrism
摘要 本篇論文旨在從康德主張間接義務對待動物的觀點,運用當康德學者的研究成果,試圖在他的道德哲學系統內推導出動物權利的可能性。文章首先批評康德有關權利與義務關係分類表,其中已可能觸及非人類以外存有的權利義務問題;其次,本文認為間接義務即主張人類具有免於因他人不當對待動物而自己受到傷害的權利,此即蘊涵避免動物受到傷害的權利。如此建立的動物權利基本上也是間接權利觀。再者,本文引用當代康德學者提出的「必要人類中心主義」和「偶然的物種主義」觀點,以回應康德可以是「弱義的人類中心主義者」,而且在這種意義下衍生出對待動物的間接權利觀點也是必要且相容的。
Abstract This thesis aims at indirect duty to treat animals from Kant's claim, research results of applying contemporary Kant scholar, tries to infer the possibility of animal rights within Kant’s moral philosophy. Firstly criticize Kant's classification table about the relationship between rights and duties, which might deal with other than non-human rights-duties issue; Second, it considers indirect duty that advocated in this paper everyone has right to keep from being injured through others mistreating animals, which contains the right of animals to avoid to be injured, and therefore establishment of animal right is basically an indirect view of right. Furthermore, this article refers to the contemporary scholars of Kant's "necessary anthropocentrism" and "accidental speciesism", with response of Kant can be "weak anthropocentric", and in this sense derived from indirect right of animals is also necessary and compatible.
Regan 與動物權
/ 李凱恩    Jack Lee
當政治遇上動物 — 多元政治意識形態下的動物保護觀點
/ 吳宗憲    Wu Chuang-Hsien
/ 賴治民    Jyhmirn Lai
動物倫理學中的「實然 — 應然問題」之探究 — 從道德根源探討一可能解決的進路
/ 王萱茹    
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