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第 61  期

Special Issue

The Phenomenology of the Relationship Transformation between Filial Piety and Intergenerational Caregiving
作者 陳奕傑、許樹珍
Author Yi-chieh Chen, Shuh-Jen Sheu
關鍵詞 世代生成代間關照現象學
Keywords Filial piety, Generation, Intergenerational caregiving, Phenomenology
摘要 孝道是本土規範指引子代對待親代的重要價值體系。在生命
Abstract Filial piety is a significant value system formatting the indigenous local norms to direct the offspring how to treat their parents. In the evolution of the life cycle, people carry forward from generation to generation. The body of the offspring is given by the parents, and it cannot be separated from the results of biological inheritance, from fertilization, birth, growth to aging, who must continuously accept upbringing and disciplinary training from family and its social and institutional culture. This paper attempts to invoke Heidegger's interpretation of the "Dasein" and "Sorge" from the perspective of the tension between the filial piety in the real world and the intergenerational caregiving issues in the modern society. We then discuss how Held succeeded in critiquing Heidegger's individual time thinking and led to the concept of intergeneration. Therefore, the following four directions to expound the relevant discourse: (1) filial piety and intergenerational caregiving in the family, (2) the experience of Alltäglich and Generativität, (3) the instrumental and authentic love within inter-generations, (4) transformation and transmission in the intergenerational caregiving. Filial piety is a sophisticated cultural design, which not only echoes the significant intergenerational ethical attitude, duty, and role performance but also provides the base for our body’s lived experience. This article aims to explore certain kind of transaction and possibility for a more authentic way or realistic life while focusing on the filial piety within the intergenerational transmission and caregiving. It is hoped that we can rebuild a new sincere intergenerational caregiving and ethical practice paradigm rather than a fault or clash.
生命倫理學:尊重和熱愛生命 — 對費茲‧雅爾思想的幾點思考
/ 戴正德、[中]馬俊領    Michael Cheng-tek Tai, Jun-ling Ma
/ 林雅萍    Ya-ping Lin
/ 王心運、柯薰貴    Shin-yun Wang, Hsun-kuei Ko
從敘事學談醫學倫理教育之 人性化改革
/ 林慧如    Hui-ju Lin
/ 蕭玉霜    Yu-shuang Hsiao
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