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第 42  期

General Article

Problematic of Method in "the Science of the Experience of Consciousness": A Text-Commentary of § 9 from Hegel's "Introduction" in "Phenomenology of Spirit"
作者 陸敬忠
Author Jing-jong Luh
關鍵詞 黑格爾精神現象學知識學方法判準
Keywords Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, science, method, criteria
摘要 《精神現象學》之〈導論〉意識之經驗底知識學實為導入「意識之經驗底知識學」的導論。第九段至第十七段之部分主要在介紹對意識底辯證性經驗底研究基源問題,其基本解決構思、其解析之後設概念性模式、其生成性結構乃至其闡論整體架構。本文聚焦處理第九段部分,亦即以「意識之經驗底知識學」之方法問題為主題。第九段稱此部分之導論式介紹為其研究闡論或「實行之方法」(die Methode der Ausführung),並指出「自行顯象的知識之闡述」或「意識底經驗之知識學」作為正在出現之知識學同為檢驗者與被檢驗者之矛盾。
Abstract The "introduction" is the introduction to "the science of the experience of consciousness." The part §9 introduces the original problem of theory of the dialectical experience of consciousness, which initiates from that problem. They comprise the basic conception of its resolution, the meta-conceptual model of analysis of consciousness-phenomenon, the genetic-dynamical structure of dialectical experience of consciousness and the framework of the whole exposition. This essay focuses on §9, i.e. the topic about problematic of method in "the Science of the Experience of Consciousness." Paragraph 9 of the introduction is called "the method of carrying out the inquiry," and the paradox of "the exposition of the self-appearing knowledge" or "the science of the experience of consciousness" as the appearing science is indicated, which is the examiner and at the same time the examinee.
/ 莊兵    Bing Zhuang
/ 吳振漢    Chen-han Wu
/ 王秋琪    Qiu-qi Wang
Matthew Calarco and Seven DeCaroli ed. Sovereignty & Life
/ David Barton    
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