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第 49  期

General Article

Nature Writing and the “Superpower” in Meng Tzu
作者 蕭振邦、曾安國
Author Jenn-bang Hsiao, An-kuo Tseng
關鍵詞 舍生取義超能力自然書寫獨處/孤獨
Keywords the valuable good, sacrificing life for righteousness, superpower, nature writing, solitude
摘要 本文嘗試重構《孟子》「超能力」(superpower)相關論述隱含的「自然書寫」(nature writing)特質,亦即,《孟子》在講明其根源性哲學反省時揭露的「自然」涵義。其中關鍵即《孟子》提示的「舍生取義」理念及行動目標,實肯定了人自身具足的「超能力」,而這種「超能力」即「非由外鑠我者,我固有之」,是此,這也就蘊涵了一定程度的「自然」涵義有待解明,而《孟子》陳述的這種想法,未嘗不可視之為深度的「另類自然書寫」,而適足以為當代的自然書寫開啟新視野,或擴充其分類綱領(taxonomy)。反之,由現代美國自然書寫展示的內涵觀之,也莫不深度揭露了人與自然互動歷程有關生命的成長與感動,特別突顯了「生命素質」的關懷,而相應的自然書寫論述,也適足反證或藉以詮釋《孟子》「超能力」論述本身的「自然向度」特質。本文即就這種可能存在的相互關係(correlations),透過交互參照、文獻分析、創意思考及理念釐清,來完成《孟子》思想的學理重構、自然書寫的學術架構擴充,以及兩者之間相干關聯運用的例示。
Abstract This paper attempts to reconstruct the distinctive features of “nature writing” in the “superpower” discourse in Meng Tzu. That is, it tries to illustrate nature’s implications manifested in the inquiry into the root (origin) of the philosophical reflection in Meng Tzu. The key lies in the concept of “sacrificing life for righteousness” intimated in Meng Tzu, a concept that in actuality affirms that human inherently possesses a “superpower” and that “superpower” is “not outside of (acquired by) me, but within (born with) me.” Therefore, a certain extent of nature’s implications is herein contained. This concept made clear in Meng Tzu can be taken as a profound “alternative nature writing”; it opens a new vision to “nature writing” as well as enlarges the extent of the taxonomy of “nature writing.” Viewed from the perspective of modern American nature writers’ various manifestations of nature, we see human has experienced profound revelations from nature, moved and touched by the natural power of life. Such escalation of the nature’s quality manifested in “nature writing” can, in turn, be taken as a proof or an illustration of nature’s implications of the “superpower” discourse in Meng Tzu. This paper explores the possible correlations that may exist between “nature writing” and the “superpower” in Meng Tzu through cross-references, literature analysis, creative thinking and concept reconstruction. The theoretical reconstruction of the thought of Meng Tzu, the enlargement of the academic framework of “nature writing”, and the application of the correlations between these two fields may thus be achieved.
/ 唐經欽    Jing-ching Tang
/ 陳孟君    Meng-chun Chen
/ 葉常泓    Chang-hoong Yap
/ 林淑華    Shu-hua Lin
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