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第 59  期

General Article

Ou Yi’s Zhouyi Chanjie Masters Yijing Principles and Tathāgatagarbha Ontological Annotations
作者 羅鈴沛
Author Ling-pei Law
關鍵詞 蕅益智旭周易禪解太極
Keywords Ou Yi, Zhixu, Zhouyi Chanjie, Yijing, Taiji (supreme ultimate)
摘要 蕅益《周易禪解》是現存最完整的以佛解《易》的著作,是研究佛家《易》的重要資料,近年來開始受到學術界青睞。但是,目前研究仍多著重其成書過程、內容結構、版本考訂、以禪解《易》思想以及蕅益的學術淵源等方面。較少從《易》學思想發展的角度,作整體性的、系統性的論述。而有關本體的論述,是《周易》哲學的關鍵核心,本文就從這裡開始探索《周易禪解》的思想。
Abstract Ou Yi’s Zhouyi Chanjie (An Interpretation of Yijing through Zen Buddhism) is the most complete writing extant on Yijing from a Buddhist viewpoint; therefore, it is an important book for people to study Buddhist Yijing and recently starting to gain high regard in the academic circles. But current studies of the book still mainly focus on such areas as the writing process, contents structure, version examinations/corrections, thinking of Yijing through Zen Buddhism and Ou Yi’s academic background. Relatively few of them make a holistic and systematic exposition through the angle of philosophical development of Yijing. And the ontological exposition holds a critical core for philosophy in “Zhouyi”, so from here the paper is to explore the thinking of Zhouyi Chanjie.
There’s no doubt about the fact that Ou Yi tried to interpret Yijing by Buddhism. However, how did he build up the ontology of Yijing principles by citing Buddhist principles? Were such citations appropriate? Under the architecture of “Zhouyi” , how did he induce Confucianism into Buddhism or the other way round? What characteristics were displayed by such a Buddhist Yijing theory as he had cited and merged? About these issues, this article not only dug deep into the thinking in Zhouyi Chanjie but also tried to find a historical position for Ou Yi’s Zhouyi Chanjie on the coordinates of Yijing learning history of thought.
/ 徐學庸    Hsei-yung Hsu
/ 齊嵩齡    Song-ling Chyi
/ 潘怡帆    Yi-fan Pan
Historic Classic as Global Interculture: 文心雕龍 Literary Heart Carving Dragon and Its Translations
/ 吳光明    Kuang-ming Wu
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