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第 75  期

Special Issue

Ethical Observations on Epidemic Prevention: Focusing on the Recommendation of the German Ethics Committee
作者 林佳和
Author Chia-Ho Lin
關鍵詞 新冠肺炎國家倫理委員會社會團結責任
Keywords COVID-19, State, Ethics Committee, Social Solidarity, Responsibility
摘要 為減緩新冠肺炎之衝擊,國家必須採取措施,從封鎖、強制社會距離、限制自由與權利,到健康醫療資源的分配與抑制。德國倫理委員會於2020年3月提出建議,從倫理角度檢視,主張運用科學,責任在於社會;醫療應從專注於個人生命與福祉,擴展到鞏固公共醫療體系;攸關生命取捨時,應本於有理由的、透明的、一致的標準來決定;保護人民生命,並非絕對,不能認其他自由權、參與權等,只能退讓;普遍的生命風險,必須為人們理解與接受;當利益與負擔得公平分擔時,人們才可能本於團結而忍受嚴厲管制;任何問題,均涉及整體社會,痛苦的決定,應來自於人民所委託授權、且負起政治責任之憲法機關,瘟疫危機,實乃具正當性之政治的決定時刻。
Abstract In order to slow down the impact of the Covid-19, the country must take measures, ranging from blockade, so-called lockdown, mandatory social distance, restriction of freedom, to the allocation and suppression of health and medical resources. The German Ethics Committee put forward a proposal in March 2020. From an ethical perspective, it advocates the application of science, and the responsibility lies with society; medical care should expand from focusing on personal life and well-being to consolidating the public medical system; Reasonable, transparent, and consistent standards are the grounds to face the difficulties about lives/choice; the protection of people's lives is not absolute, and other rights to freedom, participation, etc. cannot be recognized, and can only be conceded; common life risks must be understood and accepted by people; When the benefits and burdens are fairly shared, people are likely to endure strict regulations out of solidarity; any problem involves the whole society, and painful decisions should come from constitutional organs that are entrusted by the people with their political responsibilities. The pandemic crisis, is a decisive moment for legitimate politics.
/ 黃雅嫺    Ya-Hsien Huang
/ 姜文斌    Wen-Pin Chiang
/ 陳欣白    Hsin-Pai Chen
通過他者的注視在 covid-19 疫情下如何回應
/ 宋松山    Sung-Shan Sung
/ 關啟文    Kai-Man Kwan
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