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第 29  期

Special Issue

Confucian humanistic care of Chosan Confucianist Ganjae from the perspective of “Xin is based on Xing”
作者 楊祖漢
Author Yang, Cho-hon
關鍵詞 艮齋朝鮮儒學性師心弟康德尊敬
Keywords Ganjae, Chosan Confucianism, xing as teachers, xin as student, Kant, reverence
摘要 田艮齋是韓國朝鮮朝末期重要儒者,他的思想很有特色,他
Abstract Ganjae was an important Confucian in the late Chosan dynasty, and his thoughts were very unique and distinctive. He advocated that "Xing (human nature) should be the teacher, and Xin(mind) should be the student", that is, taking Xing as the basis and being the teacher, and asked his subject, namely Xin, to strictly abide by Xing. His statement can highlight the theoretical system of self-cultivation which emphasized Xing and devalued Xin. This position suggests that the Xin can be the master of itself and make human beings become sage through effort- this is the most valuable part of the human mind. However, this is also the potential roots of evil that may lead people easily to misuse their freedom. This paper takes the foregoing observation as the focus of its discussion and illustrates the humanistic care of Ganjae. This paper holds that Ganjae's emphasis on the respect for the principle of Heaven or the reverence is an expression of the source of moral motivation of Xing as teachers and Xin as student. In this regard, Kant's concept of reverence/ respect might be helpful for the explanation of Ganjae's view. Ganjae’s understanding of Mingde also clearly express the above thoughts.
/ 姜龍翔    Chiang, Lung-hsiang
/ 張文朝    Chang, Wen-chao
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