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第 29  期

Special Issue Article

Art History, Exhibition and Identity: Taiwanese Art in the Torrents of Time
作者 邱函妮
Author Han-Ni Chiu
關鍵詞 臺灣美術臺灣美術史認同展示臺北市立美術館國立臺灣美術館
Keywords Taiwanese art, Taiwanese art history, Identity, Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
摘要 本文探討臺灣美術史是如何形成的問題。從1950年前後王白淵開始書寫臺灣美術史,到1980年代後半臺灣美術史進入學院成為研究對象至今,臺灣美術史的建構與臺灣人認同、主體意識的形成有著密切關係。1980年代以後建設的美術館也扮演了形塑臺灣美術史的角色,本文試圖整理臺北市立美術館與國立臺灣美術館所舉辦與臺灣美術相關的展覽,來分析臺灣美術如何被展示等問題。本文最後關注臺灣美術在當前臺灣社會的處境。隨著美術作品的劣化與消失,臺灣美術史面臨了迫切的危機。透過上述的探討,本文期望能對未來應如何看待臺灣美術遺產以及「臺灣美術」與我們之間的關係,提供一個思考的契機。
Abstract This article discusses how Taiwanese art history, as an academic discipline, was established. First, beginning in the 1950s, when Wang Bai-Yuan first wrote about Taiwanese art history, through academic formalization in the ’80s, until now, Taiwanese art has been integral to Taiwanese identity formation. Beside this, a boom in the construction of art museums since the 1980s also played an important role in establishing the history of Taiwanese art. This article, then, analyses how Taiwanese art was displayed by compiling and arranging Taiwanese art-relevant exhibitions in two major art museums: the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Lastly, this article focuses on the status quo of Taiwanese art in contemporary society. Because of the deterioration and even disappearance of artworks, the history of Taiwanese art is now facing an imminent crisis. Through the discussion of the issues above, this article hopes to provide an opportunity to think about the relation between Taiwanese art and contemporary society and the way to treat the legacy of Taiwanese art.
/ 吳方正(專號客座主編)    
/ 吳方正 (專號客座主編)    Fang-cheng Wu (Guest Editor)
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/ 謝佳娟    Chia-Chuan Hsieh
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