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Chin To-Ha's Illustrative Plate Collection and His Paintings
作者 李淑珠
Author Su-Chu Li
摘要 本文將針對油畫家陳澄波(1895–1947)生前收藏的大批印刷圖片——筆者稱其為「陳澄波圖片收藏」,具體分析、考察這批資料對於畫家畫風的影響。這批圖片資料雖然經常被用來闡述陳澄波的生平與作品,然而,到目前為止,這些引用都十分零碎而且只限於極少數的圖片,關於這批資料的整體介紹與來源調查之研究,付諸如闕。
Abstract This paper will conduct a field survey on a large amount of illustrative plates—“Chin To-Ha's Illustrative Plate Collection” —collected by the oil painter Chin To-Ha while he was alive, in order to examine concretely the plates' influence on his style of painting. These plate materials are always used to introduce Chin To-Ha's history and his works, but until now such quotations have usually been sporadic and limited to only a few plates, and there have been no introductions of the materials in their entirety or any research regarding the investigation of their sources.
Chin To-Ha's Illustrative Plate Collection is classified into “magazine clippings” (411 items) and “picture postcards” (1,115 items). The former are illustrations clipped out of art magazines, with some plates pasted on color mounts. The latter are mainly hand-drawn postcards sold at exhibitions. These print copies were organized by Chin himself, and it is obvious that they served as reference models for his drawings. Therefore, this paper attempts to find where the printed matter came from, how it was arranged and organized by the painter, and furthermore, what kind of influence they had upon the “self-formation" of Chin's style of painting. Finally, this will be used to consider the interaction between printed culture and art works.
/ 洪再新    Zaixin Hong
/ 顏娟英    Chuan-ying Yen
/ 許綺玲    Chi-Lin Hsu
/ 盛鎧    Kai Sheng
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