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第 70  期

Research Papers

Examining the Moral Basis and Doubts of Using Age as the Allocation of Medical Resources during the COVID-19 epidemic from the Perspective of Confucianism
作者 周琬琳
Author Wan-ling Chou
關鍵詞 年齡歧視,成本效益分析,戰時分診原則,代際正義, 儒家公義觀
Keywords age discrimination, cost-effectiveness analyses, wartime triage principle, intergenerational justice, Confucian justice
摘要 新冠肺炎來勢洶洶,截至 2021 年2 月底,全球確診人數已經超過120,000,000 人;死亡人數超過2,600,000 人,人數持續上升中。特效藥尚未問世,疫苗雖然問世但尚未穩定,巨大耗費的醫療衛生資源考驗世界各國的健康醫療資源儲備與分配。在醫療資源嚴重缺乏且迫切的情況下,義大利與西班牙相繼傳出限制65 歲以上老人進入ICU 與使用呼吸機的報導,美國也出現宣導人們應該透過預立醫囑的方式,在疫情期間做好簽屬DNR 準備工作的論文,本文認為以年齡作為限制使用高強度醫療資源存在道德風險。本文先檢視以年齡作為分配標準的道德基礎觀點,再從儒家視角提出道德疑慮,最後指出以年齡作為分配標準雖然也有道德理據支持,但是不同文化基礎所傾向的道德理據之間可能就存在價值觀的衝突,在制定政策時,一刀切與全盤移植的方式都需要更為審慎考慮。
Abstract COVID-19 is coming on fiercely. By the end of February 2021, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 120 million; the death toll has exceeded 2.6 million, and the number continues to rise. Special medicines and vaccines have not yet come out, and the huge consumption of medical and health resources tests the reserves and distribution of health and medical resources in countries around the world. In the case of serious lack of medical resources and urgent circumstances, Italy and Spain have successively reported restrictions on the entry of people over 65 years old into ICU and use of ventilators. There have also been papers in the United States advocating that people should prepare for DNR signing during the epidemic through advance medical advice. This article believes that there is a moral hazard in restricting the use of high-intensity medical resources by age. This article first examines theories using age as the moral basis of the distribution standard, and then raises moral doubts from the perspective of Chinese culture. Finally, it is pointed out that although age as a distribution criterion is supported by moral reasons, there are different choice of different values and moral reasons between different cultures. When formulating policies, the “one size fits all” approach and global adaptation require careful re-consideration.
/ 陸敬忠    Jing-Jong Luh
體系性宗教(際)詮釋學之宗教倫理及 價值規範向度基本問題初探
/ 陸敬忠    Jing-Jong Luh
/ 陳佩君    Pei-Chun, Chen
/ 林維杰    Wei-Chieh Lin
「念死」到「慈悲」的轉化:自我覺知 與饒益他者的倫理轉化與超越性
/ 嚴瑋泓    Wei-Hung Yen
宗教場域內之詮釋學的實踐 ──Brian Gregor 之呂格爾之宗教詮釋學
/ 黃筱慧    Cristal Huang
由休謨之「神蹟觀」反思基督教的 終極關懷倫理觀
/ 楊雨青    Yu-Ching Yang
以技藝為中介來看倫理與宗教的連結: 從亞里斯多德出發反思中國哲學
/ 汪文聖    Wen-Sheng Wang
/ 李瑞全    Shui-Chuen Lee
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