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The Strategies of Coquetry in The life of Marianne
作者 朱鴻洲
Author Hung-chou Chu
關鍵詞 瑪莉安娜的一生嬌媚之態策略靈魂道德哲學家
Keywords The Life of Marianne, coquetry, strategies, soul, moralist
摘要 馬里伏以創作眾多的喜劇而聞名,但他的重要文學創作還包括幾部小說,尤其是以下兩部作品《瑪莉安娜的一生》(La vie de Marianne,1731-1742)、《飛黃騰達的鄉下人》(Le paysan parvenu,1735)。本論文主要針對作品──《瑪莉安娜的一生》進行重新的閱讀。如作品標題所示,這部小說敘述一位一生中處處皆具備了吸引讀者好奇心的女性的經歷。她在兩歲時成為孤兒,對其身世一無所知,完全仰賴他人的救濟維生。但她又匯集所有各式各樣的資源於一身:美貌、高貴的靈魂、直覺力、自傲、靈巧。這些資源讓她總是得以,毫無例外地,戰勝所有的噩運或逆境。這部小說是以第一人稱書信體方式呈現,它具有一種自由與獨特的風格。但同時,它又與古典時期的道德哲學家的哲學思考與論述形式一脈相承。而這樣的書寫形式正好與女主人翁的柔軟身段與她永不枯竭的豐富資源相互協和一致。本論文旨在探討馬里伏的女主角為了贏得生命這場戰爭的勝利,如何有意識地或無意識的,借助於各種方法或策略來達成。研究的重點在於找出並分析幫助瑪麗安娜成功的女性天分(她的嬌媚之態)的各個面向以及其策略。
Abstract Marivaux is known mainly as author of many comedies, but his literary
creations also include three novels: The Muddy Car (1714), The Life of Marianne (1731-1742 ) and The Upstart Peasant (1735). The research of this article is only based on the work, "The L ife of Marianne ". As the title indicates, this novel narrates the life of a heroine who can attract the curiosity of the reader throughout her life: orphan from the age of two years ignorant of its origins and abandoned to public charity. She is also full of resources of all kinds beauty, nobility of soul, intuition, pride, ingenuity which allow her to triumph, invariably, adversities of her life. The form of this book first person epistolary novel has free and original style. At the same time, it is in line with the philosophical reflections of the moralist in the classical period. It coincides therefore with the plasticity of the heroine and her inexhaustible resources. In this work, entitled "Strategies of coquetry in "The Life of Marianne", I would like to explore how the heroine of Marivaux in order to win the war of life, consciously or unconsciously, borrow various methods or strategies to achieve. This research aims to discover and analyze the various aspects of the female genius (her coquetry) and its strategies that help Marianne succeed.
/ 劉俊法    Chun-fa Liu
/ 林待吟    Tai-yin Lin
/ 李力庸    Li-yung Lee
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