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第 66  期

Special Issue

On Tang Junyi’s Reflections on Modern Culture
作者 鄭宗義
Author Chung-yi Cheng
關鍵詞 現代文化客觀價值意識道德宗教哲學
Keywords the modern culture, the objective consciousness of values, moral, religion, philosophy
摘要 本⽂旨在分析唐君毅對現代⽂化的省思,以⾒當代新儒家第⼆代學者的思想既⾮昧於亦⾮不相容於現代⽂化。依唐君毅的思考,現代⽂化雖有其貢獻如科學與民主,但也產⽣了不少問題。此中最為嚴重的,是客觀價值意識的失落。這是源於現代⼈不信任理性能⼒及貶低道德、宗教的理想。對此,唐君毅提出我們應重新設想「道德」、「宗教」與能申明辯護它們的「哲學」,並合三者為⼀體,來對治現代⽂化的危機。
Abstract This paper aims to analyze Tang Junyi’s reflections on modern culture. Accordingly, the thought of the second generation scholars of Contemporary Neo Confucianism is neither ignorant about nor incompatible with the modern culture. For Tang, although the modern culture has had significant contributions to humans, such as modern science and democracy, it, however, has also generated many problems. Among these problems, the most serious one is the loss of an objective consciousness of values, which Tang considers as the result of modern people distrust the ability of reason and view the moral and religious ideas with contempt. In order to resolve the crisis of the modern culture, Tang suggests the reconceptualization of ‘moral,’ ‘religion’ and ‘philosophy’ and their unification to rebuild the objective consciousness of values.
/ 楊自平    Tzu ping Yang
/ 陳榮灼    Wing-cheuk Chan
/ 林維杰    Wei-chieh Lin
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