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第 70  期

General Article

Unexpected Episode and Crisis: Research on Zhou Enlai’s Response to Wu Hao Incident
作者 林威杰
Author Wei-Jie Lin
關鍵詞 周恩來張冲顧順章黨內忠誠特務
Keywords Zhou Enlai, Zhang Chong, Gu Shunzhang, Loyalty, Special Agent
摘要 伍豪事件是中共黨史中一次意外的插曲,是周恩來政治生涯的危機。整起事件起因源自於顧順章的「叛變」,進而導致大批共產黨人遭到逮捕。時任中國國民黨中央組織部調查科總幹事的張冲,從那些「自首自新」的共產黨人供詞獲悉伍豪係周恩來化名。為了打擊中共黨內忠誠,張冲製造了周恩來脫黨的假象,以此分化共產黨。面對國民黨的來勢洶洶,周恩來如何應對這場危機?如何重建中共特科來懲戒「叛徒」?整起事件在當時並沒有產生實際效果,反而在數十年後引起一場政治風暴。那麼,周恩來又如何來捍衛自己的晚節?這些問題是本文關注的重點。
Abstract Wu Hao incident is an unexpected episode in the history of the Communist Party of China and a crisis in Zhou Enlai's political life. The whole incident is caused by Gu Shunzhang's "betrayal", leading to the arrest of a large number of Communists. Zhang Chong who was then the Director-General of the Investigation Section of the Central Organization Department of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China), learned the information that Wu Hao was a pseudonym of Zhou Enlai from confessions of those Communists "turning themselves in and turning over a new leaf". To damage the loyalty of the Communist, Zhang Chong created the false appearance of Zhou Enlai leaving the Party to break up the Communist Party. How did Zhou Enlai deal with the crisis in the face of the threat from the Kuomintang? How was the Special Operations Section of the Communist Party of China rebuilt to punish "traitors"? Actually, the whole incident didn't have much effect at that time but caused a political storm decades later. So, how did Zhou Enlai defend his integrity in his later years? All of these problems above are mainly discussed in this paper.
/ 沈冬    Shen Tung
/ 陳佩筠    Pei-yun Chen
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