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光明與真情的瞬間: 鄧南光與《台灣攝影》雜誌(1963-1971)
The Split Second between Brightnessand Emotions: Nan-Guang Deng and Taiwan Photo (1963-1971)
作者 陳德馨
Author Te-hsinc Chen
關鍵詞 鄧南光台灣攝影郎靜山畫意攝影紀實攝影
Keywords Nan-Guang Deng, Taiwan Photo, Jing-Shan Lang, artistic photography, documentary photography
摘要 鄧南光是位著名的客籍攝影家,也是台灣省攝影學會首屆理事長,之後連任七屆,直至 1971 年驟逝為止。
Abstract Born to a distinguished family in Beipu Township, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Nan-Guang Deng was a well-known Hakka photographer. Deng established the Photographic Society of Taiwan and was elected as its first director. Deng was elected to seven consecutive terms before his sudden death in 1971.

During Deng's terms as the editor of Taiwan Photo, he strongly influenced its artistic sensibility, establishing a realistic style to counter the picturesque saloon style promoted by officials. For Deng, documentary photography was a means of presenting healthy, bright content, instead of revealing society's poverty and backwardness. He strove to capture moments revealing true emotions rather than creating a fake reality. In essence, Deng intended to create a modern photography for the middle class. He remained neutral with respect to novel photography, which takes the creative consciousness of the artist as its focus, but nonetheless gave sufficient space to these new schools, regardless of his own preferences. Deng wanted to set a tone for modern middle class photography. Therefore, he supported nude photography against all those opposed. Additionally, he promoted outdoor photo sessions with fashion models to encourage cooperation between photographers and commercial advertisers. As a result of his efforts, the Photographic Society of Taiwan thrived under Deng's leadership.

If we look at Nan-Guang Deng in purely artistic terms, he wasslightly conservative, but if we consider the solemnity of his time, his achievements were remarkable for he steered his art through currents and obstacles to make it a popular activity for the general public.
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