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「選擇」及「轉譯」: 全球史視野下的「西洋」多層木套杯
Perspectives of the Qing Court on Wooden Nesting Cups from the “Western Ocean”
作者 施靜菲
Author Ching-fei Shih
關鍵詞 全球史物質文化西洋木套杯清宮乾隆皇帝
Keywords global history, material culture, Western Ocean, wooden goblet, Qing court, Qianlong Emperor
摘要 遊歷全球的西洋木套杯不但承載了豐富的全球史訊息,同時也參與了不同區域視覺文化的形塑及知識的建構。它們在今日博物館中不同敘事脈絡的展示,顯示了它們被觀看、詮釋的共通或不同的角度。同樣的,木套杯在十七到十八世紀時跨越大半地球區域上的流通,亦受到某些共通或相異的對待,藉著這樣的遊歷,它們拉近了歐洲與中國間的遙遠距離,也串起所經之處人與物的種種故事。
Abstract The wooden nesting cups of the Qing court are a series of stacked cups (50, 100 or 150 in a set), paper-thin and graduated in size, that were carved entirely from wood and assembled within a wooden goblet. The cups were crafted in southern Germany and traveled extensively, along varied trajectories, from Europe to China in the 17thand 18thcenturies. Such nesting cups are richly endowed in meaning from the perspective of global history and would have impacted visual culture and related knowledge across a wide range of regions.
How they are displayed in contemporary museums reflects how they are viewed, interpreted, and organized by curators today; similarly, examining the presence of these wooden nesting cups at the Qing court and the location and manner of their display within the palace grounds provides insight as to how they were regarded in their own time.
Who are and were the person(s) most responsible for these perspectives? What impact did these unique objects have on the interaction between China and Europe, at the time of their appearance and in later history? These are some of the specific questions this study will explore.
The greater objectives of this study are twofold. First, it aims to use stacked wooden cups as a case study to promote interdisciplinary dialogue across the fields of global history, art history, and material culture studies. Second, it attempts to present the Qianlong emperor's general attitude towards objects from the “Western Ocean” and, by specifically exploring the context in which the wooden cups found themselves at the Qing court, to determine the thoughts underpinning that attitude.
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