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The Retrospect and Prospect on the Study of Taiwanese Confucianism from Ming Zheng to Early Postwar Period in the Past Fifty Years(1960-2016)
作者 李威寰
Author Li, Wei-huan
關鍵詞 台灣儒學台灣儒教台灣學術思想研究回顧研究展望
Keywords Taiwanese Confucianism, Taiwanese Confucian Religion, Taiwanese Academic Thought, Research Retrospect, Research Prospects
摘要 本文針對1960至2016年以「明鄭至戰後初期台灣儒學」為對象的研究成果,囊括並回顧了文教史、學術思想史、儒教研究、文學研究等領域的研究文獻。筆者認為目前專書與文獻集的出版狀況尚有待學界努力;也指出台灣儒學研究在各歷史時期的不同偏重與發展空間。具體而言,清代台灣的經學研究、日治時期以後文教史中的儒學因素、戰後初期儒學思潮與文化運動的發展等領域,都還能進一步擴展。再者,以宗教為主題的儒教研究,與以文學作品為對象的研究,可以提供傳統儒學研究不同的視野,是值得台灣儒學領域加以參考的。本文亦詳細整理以台灣儒學為主題的研究書目,供讀者參考。
Abstract This essay dissertates about findings of “Taiwanese Confucianism between Ming Zheng and early postwar ” studies since 1960 to 2016, which retrospects papers on history of culture and education, history of academic and thought, confucian religion sdudies, literature studies. I indicate the quality of books and documents should be increased, and there’re different focal points and undeveloped field in the studies on different historical times. Concretely speaking, first, The research on studies of confucian classics in Taiwan Qing dynasty, confucianism factors in cultural and educational policy since the period of japanese rule, history of confucianism though and cultural movement in early postwar, which could be developed further. Secondly, studies which research confucianism as a religion issue, and studies which focus on literature, provide different visions for regular confucianism studies, especially in Taiwanese cofucianism studies. This essay also includes in a list of bibliography of Taiwanese cofucianism studies since 1960 to 2016.
/ 王慧茹    Wang Hui Ju
/ 陳政揚    Cheng-Yang, Chen
/ 侯展捷    Hou, Zhan-jie
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