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第 46  期

General Article

A Cultural Study of the Compilation and Spread of the Female Anthology in Chǒsun Dynasty
作者 張伯偉
Author Bo-wei Zhang
關鍵詞 朝鮮時代女性詩文集編纂流傳
Keywords Chǒsun Dynasty, female, anthology, compilation, spread
摘要 朝鮮半島女性詩文流傳至今者,與其夐遠的淵源相比,顯得稀少。若與中國女性創作的數量相比,則更為寥寥。以目前所能見到的别集、家集、唱和集及選集統合計數,共有三十七種,另有專書二種,以作者的出生時間來看,皆朝鮮時代的作品,這與朝鮮之文化環境有關。而在此環境中,女性創作未曾零落殆盡,還能夠得到編纂並流傳至今,亦非偶然。考察這些問題,僅用文獻學的方法是遠遠不夠的。文獻學能夠説明「是何」的問題,但無法解釋「為何」以及「如何」的問題。這些文集為何被編纂,是什麽因素在推動,又如何被閱讀,產生了何種反應,涉及到書籍的生產、流通、消費以及再生產、再流通、再消費,因此,應該以綜合的眼光予以審視,發現其內在聯繫,故名之曰「文化史考察」。
Abstract Given its long history and tradition, the works of female writers in Korean peninsula that hands down to the present is extremely scarce. Compared to the huge writings of Chinese female writers, the titles of anthology seem extraordinarily few and far between. Up to now, there are only 37 anthologies of female writers in Chǒsun Dynasty including personal works, clan anthology, exchange anthology, and selected works; besides these, there also exist two monographs written by women. If we examine the flourish times of these female writers, we can find that they all were active in Chǒsun Period (1392-1910), which is related to the historical and cultural situation of this era. It is not an accidental phenomenon that their writings and works did not wither away in this situation, and it is fortunately that parts of their works was edited by some scholars and passed down to nowadays. It is hard to explore the question through bibliography, because bibliography can only account for the “what-question,” but can not give the answer to the “why-question” and “how-question.” Why were these anthologies compiled and published, and how were these works read, and what was the social feedback after reading? To answer these questions needs to touch upon the issues about production, circulation, and re-production, re-circulation, re-consumption of these works. So researchers should investigate and study this topic from the cultural and comprehensive perspective and find out the inner-logic of the phenomenon.
/ 王學玲    Shieh-ling Wang
/ 朱湘鈺    Xiang-yu Zhu
/ 黃思超    Si-chao Huang
/ 張思靜    Si-jing Zhang
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