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第 59  期

General Article

The Works and Days 1-382
作者 徐學庸
Author Hsei-yung Hsu
關鍵詞 赫希俄德法律訴訟工作神話正義
Keywords Hesiod, lawsuit, work, myth, justice
摘要 這篇文章主要藉爬梳赫希俄德(Hesiod)《工作與時日》(Works and Days)1-382,以理解及探究他所提出的正義觀。本文主要由三部分組成:第一部分處理《工作與時日》21-47的內容,傳統上對此一段落的詮釋是,這是關於沛爾塞斯(Perses)與赫希俄德兄弟間的糾紛。前者好逸惡勞,欲以賄賂法官的方式,希望再獲得其弟所繼承遺產的一部分。反之,赫希俄德想要私下公平地解決此一紛爭,更期盼其兄能成為一誠實、勤勞的人。然而這是否是對這個段落的適切的理解,是這一部分的論述欲挑戰的。第二部分討論赫希俄德隨後在這部作品中提出的三個神話,普羅米修斯偷火、諸神的禮物潘朵拉(Pandora)及人類敗壞的歷程,以釐清它們之間是否有任何邏輯關係。完成前兩部分的論述後,第三部分主要探討赫希俄德的正義觀。他如何看待正義及正義與themis的關係,會是這一部分關注的焦點。
Abstract This paper is an attempt to work thorough Hesiod’s Works and Days 1-382 to explore the poet’s notion of justice. This paper consists of three parts: the first part of the paper will deal with Works and Days 21-47. Those passages are traditionally understood as the conflict between the two brothers, Perses and Hesiod, over their inheritance. The former is lazy and dishonest, and would again like to get the part of the inheritance owned by Hesiod by bribing the judge; the latter wants to fairly end the conflict in private, and hopes that his brother would become a sincere and industrious man. The problem: “Whether this traditional interpretation is or is not adequate?” will be discussed. The second part will explore Hesiod’s narration of the three myths to see whether there is a logical relationship among them. Finally the passages 216-382 will be discussed in the third part of the paper to see Hesiod’s view of justice and its relationship with themis.
/ 羅鈴沛    Ling-pei Law
/ 齊嵩齡    Song-ling Chyi
/ 潘怡帆    Yi-fan Pan
Historic Classic as Global Interculture: 文心雕龍 Literary Heart Carving Dragon and Its Translations
/ 吳光明    Kuang-ming Wu
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